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Here you will find a collection of active, completed, and upcoming personal projects that I am working on.

All of these projects are one that I have started through my own passions and interests.

Also, the engineering project management of each project is run either by myself or in coordination with any collaborators.


Here are some quick links to my current and ongoing projects:




Linux Distribution

Funtoo Telemetry

Funtoo Ruby


Each project will contain a small admonition describing its current status. Here is a guide to the types of project statuses:


This status signifies a project is code complete or done. Enhancements, bug fixes, and major features can still be added to projects that are considered done. I see all projects asephemeral entities, continually being perfected and enhanced as time progresses. Nevertheless it is critical to have finality to certain phases of a project.


This status signifies a project that I am actively woking on and that is ongoing.


This status signifies a project that is currently stalled and I have temporarily stopped active work on.


This status signifies a project that is currently completely blocked from progressing further due to some unknown, unpredictable, or unanticipated event.


This status signifies a project that has been completely abandoned or shelved for the forseeable future, colloquially known as mothballed.


This status signifies a project that is currently incubating and in the process of being fully formalized. It could includes ideas I am excited about, research and developing, or wanted to explore in the future.

Last update: 2022-04-07